Mikelangelo performs Cave, Waits & Cohen in Cheshunt Hall

Mikelangelo performs Cave, Waits & Cohen in Cheshunt Hall

Mikelangelo plays Cave Waits and Cohen in Cheshunt

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Mikelangelo’s tribute to Cave, Waits and Cohen was a compelling, polished, first rate performance well received by our discerning audience. In the second set a broken D string replaced by an audience member while she perched on the side of the stage was the catalyst for a less formal,  even more intimate bond with the appreciative crowd who danced, sang and clapped along, and were rewarded with a generous 8 song encore.

‘Mikelangelo at Cheshunt was a fantastic night, the ambience and lighting really added to the mood and Mikelangelo was brilliant. I also think the hall has great acoustics”. – Bridget, Melbourne

 The Parents Association of Whitfield and District Primary school ran a bar, supper and raffle as a fundraiser for the primary school.  The funds will go towards supporting the students to continue to experience our strong arts program, in particular performing arts and music.  

“As well as the financial benefit, we experienced wonderful social connections from being involved.  Collaborating with the Art Show committee was a pleasure and being present on the night was a great way to connect with a wide range of local and visiting people. The tickets were low cost making the show accessible and inviting to attend. The cabaret style seating and catering was highly suited to the event and the venue. A local business provided the option of pre-ordered platters, which suited the guests and benefited that business.” – Suz Christison, Whitfield District Primary School




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