About Us

About Us

Our Mission: Contributing to a sustainably enriched King Valley arts culture


KVAS Inc is made up of enthusiastic art-lovers from the King Valley and surrounds who also share a passion for the King Valley as a place to live and visit.

This group meets regularly for much of the year to co-ordinate the art show and ensure a worthwhile experience for the large number of visitors. There is much ‘behind-the-scenes’ activity. Each show benefits from the experiences and feedback of previous events, and comments from visitors, artists and sponsors are always welcome.

Until late in 2011 KVAS Inc operated as a sub-committee of the King Valley Tourism Association Inc. It is now a not-for-profit incorporated body.  Current committee members are Anita Laurence (President), Emma Jones (Vice President), Michael Ashby (Secretary), Rowena Tainton (Treasurer), Julie Tyler, Karen Watson, & Brianna Munt.


Past committee members:

Chris Hazel (2007 – 2013)
Wendy Wilson (1998 – 2011)
Bernadette Kock
Sue Rowell
Lynda Hood
Carmel O’Beirne
Paul Koulis
Julie Carolane
Margaret Butt
Megan Star
Rob Humphrey
Kath Ellem

Vale Barbara Ann Sartori

1960 – 2013
A committee member since the inception of the King Valley Art Show. Sadly missed.